02/20/2008 04:50 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Shiite Cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr is threatening to let a six-month cease fire between his militia and U.S. forces expire within the next few days. This is the same man who is responsible for the deaths of countless American troops and certainly has the potential to be responsible for more. Troops who are now preparing to deploy to Iraq could very well face the wrath of Al-Sadr along with his Mahdi army. All while the Bush Administration ignores him and allows him to blatantly operate with impunity.

This is a tragic disgrace that I will never be able to digest. It is bad enough that the Bush administration ordered the unwarranted military invasion of Iraq -- a total act of un-American hostile aggression. As a direct result, Muqtada Al-Sadr, and all those alike, have been murdering thousands of U.S. troops while Bush places all the blame directly on Al-Qaeda.

I don't deny that there are elements of Al-Qaeda and other terror networks in Iraq. Any terrorist in the Middle East who wants to kill an American now has an opportunity to infiltrate Iraq's borders and take a shot at any one of our 165,000 troops sitting stationary over there. But for a political and religious figurehead like Al-Sadr to emerge into prominence on a platform of killing U.S. troops, while we grant him amnesty and simultaneously send more troops over to be killed by him, is a crime.

I have raised this issue in the past and every time I am peppered with "look at the Anbar province." We gave a free pass to Sunni insurgents with gallons of American blood on their hands for their promise to defeat Al-Qaeda even though they were formerly allied with them. In addition, we are providing them with money and weapons. So are we hiring our former enemies as mercenaries to defeat the same enemy? It seems to me that they are basically promising to fight themselves.

What do we tell the parents of all the U.S. troops that have been killed by these insurgents in Al-Anbar and Sadr city? That we found it necessary to befriend the people who killed your child and "oh by the way, freedom isn't free." Sorry, but I'm not buying that brand.

Where are all the patriotic red-blooded Americans chanting "stay the course" on this premise?

If we trust these former insurgents turned allies enough to arm and finance them in an effort to outsource the mission of defeating Al-Qaeda in Iraq, than that is all the more reason to start the process of getting our troops out of there.

Our brave men and women in uniform have extraordinarily carried out their mission with success and honor.

When the Bush administration decided to forge an unholy alliance with the very same insurgents that our troops are being sent over to fight, they forfeited any excuse to keep our troops there indefinitely. We are very likely on borrowed time with our new found friends -- and sooner or later we will be fighting them again.

It is just endless -- all courtesy of George W. Bush.