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Shaahin Cheyene
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Shaahin Cheyene is Founder and President of the brain nutrition start-up Accelerated Intelligence. Cheyene shares his passion to accelerate intelligence through his latest company and products. Born in Iran, Cheyene is an award winning entrepreneur, writer and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles, California. To learn more about Shaahin's products see here here here.

Entries by Shaahin Cheyene

Decoding Delicious: Why Your Food Tastes So Good

(0) Comments | Posted January 20, 2015 | 9:07 AM

I was joyfully sitting at a beach-side restaurant on the Mayan Riviera enjoying my meal. I was with my 11-year-old nephew when I pointed out the pleasures one can have from delicious food.

"But what makes food delicious?" he asked naively. Interestingly enough, this was one of those rare instances...

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5 Tricks to Making Money Fast: The Trick to Money Is Having Some

(6) Comments | Posted January 4, 2015 | 11:54 PM

"To make a lot of money, you will have to decide to become somewhat abnormal. Normal people are rarely successful, and what success they do enjoy is often tainted by their discomfort in life." -- Stuart Wilde, The Trick To Money Is Having Some

"There are two ways to make...

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3 Steps To Easy Money From Illegal Immigration

(3) Comments | Posted July 12, 2014 | 11:34 AM

In recent years the influx in children from Central America -- particularly Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador has increased beyond the governments anticipation. Back in 2011, roughly 4,059 children entered the United States unaccompanied. By 2013, that number had risen to 21,537 children.

The Obama administration has asked congress for...

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Art of Making Money: 3 Keys to Getting Obsessive to Achieve Greatness

(0) Comments | Posted July 9, 2014 | 9:19 AM

If you've ever gotten that big "ah ha" moment, not slept for days and spent every last ounce of time and energy pursuing your "crazy idea", you may have the first sign of greatness. Every great entrepreneur I have ever known suffers from "obsessive compulsive order": a condition marked by...

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Art of Making Money: Michael Jackson's 3 Money Making Secrets

(2) Comments | Posted May 24, 2014 | 6:29 PM

This is part 2 of a 12 part series on the art of making money, a fast paced system for the guerrilla entrepreneur.

"When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose" Bob Dylan (Like A Rolling Stone)

Indisputably, Michael Jackson remains one of the top grossing and...

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Art of Making Money: Sell The Sizzle

(0) Comments | Posted March 20, 2014 | 5:21 PM

Art of making money: Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

This is part one of a 12 part series on the art of making money, a fast paced system for the guerrilla entrepreneur.

Does "a carbohydrate rich, high in sugar, carbonated drink in an aluminum can," sound appetizing, or...

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The Truth About Coffee

(9) Comments | Posted August 28, 2013 | 11:38 AM

I have a confession to make. I drink coffee. Lately with the introduction of Chinese origin Matcha teas, I drink more Matcha to get my caffeine than coffee. However, I still hate it when either gets a bad wrap.

As long as I can remember, coffee has been...

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Miley Cyrus and Why You Are No Longer Relevant

(0) Comments | Posted August 28, 2013 | 9:16 AM

In a perfectly orchestrated act of teenage defiance, the former Disney star of the hit show Hannah Montana emerged at the VMA awards from a life size bear. But what emerged was not the sweet and innocent Hannah but rather the raunchy and outlandish new twerk queen: Miley Cyrus. She...

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Wealth Inequality And Why Not to Be Poor in America

(0) Comments | Posted March 4, 2013 | 4:13 PM

"The greatest injustice anyone can do to themselves in America is to be poor. The poor pay more for everything." I whispered after watching yet another economic documentary. "Shhhhh! Don't say that kind of stuff!" my wife scolded.

Being a social justice pioneer who has spent much of her career...

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Resurrecting Lance: He's Done, but Is He Finished?

(18) Comments | Posted January 23, 2013 | 4:34 PM

The year is 2028 and 12 Olympic hopefuls from Team USA are standing out-front of the Lance Armstrong Coliseum in newly formed North American Union. As the young people look up admiring a larger than life bronze of Armstrong, they read a small plaque under the statute: " Lance Armstrong:...

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Doomsday Prophets of Greed: The Dark Side of 2012

(3) Comments | Posted November 28, 2012 | 9:48 AM


In 2006 I had an opportunity to journey across Mexico in search of the truth behind the infamous 2012 prophecy. I had the good fortune of meeting and traveling with one of the last great medicine men in the Aztec traditions.


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Three Keys to Taking Back the Truth

(0) Comments | Posted November 11, 2012 | 12:30 PM

TED and The Huffington Post are excited to bring you TEDWeekends, a curated weekend program that introduces a powerful "idea worth spreading" every Friday, anchored in an exceptional TEDTalk. This week's TEDTalk is accompanied by an original blog post from the featured speaker, along with new...

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Art of Detecting a Lie :The Presidential Candidates

(11) Comments | Posted October 23, 2012 | 7:08 PM

Anyone can be trained to detect a lie quickly and with a fair degree of accuracy. There is no magical power or special technology that one needs. In my previous posts on how to detect a lie I talked about microexpressions and the work of scientist and lie...

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$6 Gas and Why We Can't Let GM Fail

(25) Comments | Posted October 11, 2012 | 6:38 PM

$4.79 a gallon reads the sign at the station. That's it, I've had it! In April, I finally broke down and decided to get a Chevy Volt! I finally sold my beloved Porsche Turbo Cab and am ready for a new ride.That's right folks,...
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Lie to Me II: 7 Key Steps to Detecting a Lie

(144) Comments | Posted October 9, 2012 | 5:08 PM

Microexpressions shown by Tim Roth in his role as Cal Lightman in Lie to Me.

In my last post, I talked about the work of the famed professor Paul...

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Lie to Me: Sharpening Your Business Intuition

(0) Comments | Posted October 4, 2012 | 2:17 PM

It's 3:30 a.m. in December 1994. I'm a 19-year-old CEO of a company with earnings in the hundreds of millions, but I'm more or less clueless about international negotiations. Sitting across the small restaurant dining room are 12 impeccably dressed Japanese businessmen. I'm on their turf -- Tokyo, Japan.


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Opportunity Costs: What You Have to Lose

(0) Comments | Posted July 30, 2012 | 3:51 PM

When I was 16 I started my first company. I invented herbal ecstacy, which sparked the 1990s "natural smart drug" revolution. In less than a year we had reported earnings in excess of $350 million. I was a teenage millionaire and had done the seemingly impossible: create a winning product...

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3 Steps to Finding Your Truth

(0) Comments | Posted July 27, 2012 | 2:40 PM


Truth in Your Word Is Everything.

Step #1: Make "Do what you say and say what you do" your new mantra. Even though being true to your word can be difficult at times, make it into a discipline. When you make promises, deliver....

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The Chameleon Effect: How to Master the Art of Influence

(0) Comments | Posted July 20, 2012 | 6:25 PM

A man walks into a New York fish market with a wallet full of paper cut and folded like U.S. currency. But unlike currency, the paper he has is simply plain newspaper. He orders up three filets from the man behind the counter and looking him straight in the eye...

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Job Security or Job Insecurity? 10 Interview Secrets

(4) Comments | Posted June 28, 2012 | 6:13 PM

John, a college educated and highly qualified office manager is at the end of his rope. After scouring the local paper and applying for what seems like an endless list of jobs, he has been to over 30 interviews in the past week all without any luck.

Like many people,...

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