04/06/2012 10:43 am ET Updated May 30, 2012

Life at High Speed: Productivity Tools and Brain Optimization

Life is short. In our fast-paced lives it seems as if time is the one commodity of which we never have enough. As an effective person it seems that you have more on your list than you will ever be able to complete. How will you ever find the time to do everything on your list? The one thing that all humans have in common is that we all have the same amount of time. However, how we use that time differs for everyone.

Nowadays, few people actually read any more. Instead, we skim, we glance, and we preview in an attempt to extract only the critical information needed. Good or bad, this is the way things have gone in the digital age. At first, pixels replaced paper and now video has replaced text. It often feels like much of the information we consume is consumed and processed too slowly. Part of the problem is that our brains may not be running at optimal speed. Usually, this can be resolved by proper diet,exercise and supplementation.

In my book, The Brain That Changes Everything , I give a detailed plan of attack for optimizing and accelerating brain functions. But I also talk about how our brains are malleable and increasingly adaptable to change. As our world changes, our brains also change right along with it. As the flow of information gets faster so can our ability to process that information. We should embrace every tool within our reach to maximize our efficiency.

As our brains learn to adapt to the digital multiverses that we are presented with every day, here are 3 of this month's favorite products and services that can help you make more of the time that you do have.

Enounce lets you change the playback speed of Flash video without any loss of audio quality. (No chipmunk sound at the lower speeds.) It's like speed-reading for video! You can saves months of time in your life by cutting your video watching time in half.

Rescue Time is a web-based time management and analytics tool that tracks every second you spend online and suggests how you can be more efficient and productive. and provide qualified and highly trained professional "virtual asistants" to help you with a variety of everyday tasks. For as low as $2 an hour you too can hire a virtual assistant. Your time is limited but why not borrow someone else's time? With 7 billion people on the planet, you can tap into a virtually unlimited pool.