"What to Do About Hamas?" Three Options, None of Them Very Good

Thomas Friedman writes that "America's goal has to be a settlement in Gaza that eliminates the threat of Hamas rockets and opens Gaza economically to the world, under credible international supervision." Easier said than done. A difficult question for the US, Israel, and the international community is "what to do about Hamas"? As far as I can tell, there are three possible options. If there are others I'm missing, tell me:

1. Eradicate Hamas
2. "Domesticate" Hamas (i.e. Hamas lays down arms and becomes a "normal" political party)
3. Weaken Hamas

The problem is that each of these options is either unattractive or very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve, or both.

Option #3, to my mind, is the most practicable option, but it's one that still leaves difficult questions unanswered. If we want, as Friedman says, to open Gaza up economically to the world, is this goal possible as long as a "weakened Hamas" controls Gaza? If yes, then how? If no, then we come back to the original question: "what to do about Hamas?"

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