12/16/2010 07:05 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Arriving at a Crossroads in Haiti (VIDEO)

For many of our students in Haiti, their personal stories are tinged by tragedy. For Frederson, this tragedy is the loss of his sister following a horrific car accident. The family could not afford the medical treatment she desperately needed.

The loss of a sibling can never be remedied but, now, Frederson does have the chance for a brighter future as a student at University of the People. With a college education, Frederson will be able to build his future. He will be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a businessman, to improve his standard of living and support his family.

Frederson is not only a dedicated student. He is also an incredibly talented musician. In this clip, filmed during my trip to Haiti, Frederson discusses his life, shows us his home and sings eloquently about living in Haiti and the challenges he faces.

UoPeople seeks to educate many students like Frederson. We urge you to support our students in Haiti and beyond in any way you can. This holiday season, help us give them a better future. Learn how you can donate today.

Translation of "End of Time"
Translation and lyrics: Frederson

I arrived at a crossroads
Wondering what should I do

Tell me if I am a fool
Help me see clear, dear ego

In a demanding society
People 're exchanging love for money
Tell me oh! mine
Isn't this the end of time

There ain't no familial respect
The weak feel strong
The strong is wreck
This life has gone too far

I've been singing for hours
On an un-tuned guitar 
I'm as hungry as a bear
But is there somebody who can hear

Some of them treat me like pirate
No job offers, I'm on the wait
Those people
Are real, real hypocrites

Finished with school but no college
In my own country, I'm so useless
Young married man
With a bunch of family commitments.

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