Dreaming After the End of the World (VIDEO)

12/28/2010 01:51 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Roodlyne Pierre wants to be a successful businesswoman. Like many young women, she wants to make her life better, while helping her family and contributing to her country. Roodlyne is among the thousands of Haitians whose home was devastated by the earthquake. For Roodlyne, the disaster felt like the end of the world and, like many Haitians, she remains psychologically affected by it.

Today, Roodlyne lives without running water or electricity in a small house with her four brothers and her parents. She sometimes has to sleep on the floor, as there is not enough space for all the family to sleep on beds. But none of this is stopping her from pursuing her dream.

Thanks to University of the People, Roodlyne has the opportunity to learn and hone her skills. She is currently studying Business Administration where she will use her skills and knowledge to help Haiti rebuild. We invite you to hear more about Roodlyne by watching the video below. If you'd like to see Roodlyne realize her dream, visit and learn how your donation can help.