In God We Trust

04/07/2011 02:03 pm ET | Updated Jun 06, 2011

What are we doing? Do we not see all of things that are happening within nature? The spirit world is trying to show us so many things. My elders taught me that the earth is our greatest teacher, and by experiencing the signs it gives, we can understand what's happening within us on a deeper lever.

The earth shows us the beauty and power of our creator, as well as the cycle of life between animal, man and spirit. It gives us insight on how to live in harmony and balance. The earth is abundant, it always has what it needs to survive and evolve. A tree that bears fruit is not selfish -- with proper nurturing, water and nutrients, the tree knows that it can bear more fruit, so it gives it away freely. It does not live in lack. So who are we? We take the fruit from the tree that gives so freely and put a price on it because we watered and nurtured it.

Just because we water a tree and watch it grow, it does not mean we gave it life. When you look at a flower, a leaf or grains of sand on the beach, do you ever stop to think how artistic and unique everything that Source creates is? There is such pureness and quality of life that exists before you. I know we all need to survive, which is why sell the fruit, to make a living. That is why we sell drinks that have poison in them and food that is contaminated, right? We do so because we all need to survive.

Who else is going to pay for your house, fancy car and luxurious lifestyle? Surely not Source, right? Weren't you taught that Source dropped you off on this planet alone, forced to fend for yourself? Somewhere along the way, you learned to think about yourself first, get what you need and not worry about other people. That is what we call survival. And we wonder why the world is in disarray!

People are starving, unhappy and in bad health, all because a system was put into place that limits the very fiber of humanity from growing, excelling and reaching higher levels of consciousness. Many of us believe that everyone is out to get us and nobody can be trusted. We stand firmly in this belief, even as we pass around a green piece of paper with the words "In God We Trust." Ironic, isn't it?

Do you really trust God to give you all that you need in life, without having to take away from your brothers and sisters? It makes you wonder why tsunamis and earthquakes occur. What is the spirit world trying to show us? Must we experience these types of events in order to wake up? We all need to recognize our great potential of emanating spirits of divine principle, and to open up to the love of the divine without dogma -- and not paint Source to be jealous, angry or indifferent towards its own creation. If we live in love instead of fear, then we might stand a chance to survive as a race on a planet that has tried to show us the way since the beginning. How will you choose to continue?