03/22/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Spirituality in the City of Angeles

When you think of Los Angeles, it's easy to think of fake, opportunistic people. Everywhere you look, you see plastic Barbies filled with silicone, starving actors and excessive bling. The idea of following a spiritual path in such a place seems outrageous and downright insane. Who could even focus in a city with so much illusion slammed in your face every single day? The street corners are filled with gossip magazines and star wagons, ready to make you envy all the celebrities, who perch on the hill looking down at all their fans, reaching up from the smog to claim a seat of false power. Yes, it's true. To some it looks like a nightmare, while to others, it's paradise--a place to escape to or the spot for fulfilling their wildest dreams.

Nevertheless, there are some very redeeming qualities about Los Angeles. It's a place that boasts a profound exchange of artistry locked under a web that says "Enter if you dare." The city itself is truly a remarkable place for one seeking inner transformation on all levels. Why? 'Cause this city will make you really look at your core values in a deep, authentic way. The city exudes what is best described as a modern day example of Beauty and the Beast. At first, you see all that's wrong and then maybe get stuck in judgment. You may think it's uncomfortable and unpleasant to be here, a place where vices are ubiquitous and spiritual decay is prevalent. But when you actually let this amazing city penetrate your spirit, it opens you up, peels you back and reveals to you the truth behind this inspiring place. It becomes a veritable love story. The veil comes down and you are able to embrace the deep spiritual lessons you can gain while living here amongst creative geniuses who express themselves freely on a regular basis.

As a shaman living urbanely, I get to bring old knowledge and practices to a city that's hungry for change and growth. The chaotic energy offers anyone seeking a true path to enlightenment a superb chance to excel. It's easy to walk a spiritual path or meditate in peaceful surroundings. The true challenge is to do it in a place that's constantly moving and shifting, reflecting both objective and subjective views in your face, forcing you out of your hardened shell towards growth. This truly is a city of angels.