DemoCat Wranglin'!

05/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Moore unfavorably compared Democratic and Republican strategies yesterday on Diane Rehm. I think he's dead on - the GOP has no problem elbowing everyone and anyone out of the way when they are in power. They steer the ship of state ahead full, bulldozing through rational objections while sipping scotch and reclining lazily on their leather captains' couch.


Democrats, on the other hand, are a fuzzy bunch. About half are idealists, the other half pragmatists. It makes for confusing, drama-filled primaries, and hinders their ability to actually align on something that matters. One has only to visit and of the comment forums on HP to see graphic examples of progressive infighting, trolls excepted.

Having said that, Nancy Pelosi actually herded the cats into doing something that the country is desperately in need of. Of course the bill is problematic. Of course it will take time to get it right. But it is a true start. It is a genuine breakthrough in the way Americans think about their medical care.

Let's hope the Dems learn from this and get their act together for Cap and Trade. Time's a wastin'.