The Long Goodbye

02/03/2011 11:17 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I once had to break a lease on an apartment I was renting. The landlord was incredibly difficult to deal with, as every tiny speck of the apartment had to be inspected with a fine tooth comb before he would consent to keep my $300 deposit and let me go on my merry way.

Mubarak reminds me of that guy. Tough. Determined. You're going to have to pull his claws out of you one at a time.


President Obama has been getting some static for not being more on the ball with this whole uprising, and I think that's fair to say. Yet the Administration's actions in the last few days have been pretty spot on. Egypt is the lynch pin of relationships in the Middle East. Israel in particular is holding it's breath to see if the new government stands up secular and democratic or groans into a theocratic nightmare like Iran. This is a complex situation, and it needs some kid glove handling.

What looked like a pretty open and shut case of people say and autocrat go last week has turned ugly. Mubarak is digging in deeper. Let's hope he'll take his $300 and get lost.