08/24/2012 08:46 pm ET | Updated Oct 24, 2012

Cape Town 2014 World Design Capital

Cape Town has been named 2014 World Design Capital and recently hosted another episode of its annual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I found myself visiting the South African port city for the first time, primarily to attend the latter.

During my sojourn I stayed at the luxury Table Bay Hotel, checked out some invigorating design pockets, took a cruise on a private yacht and a short side-trip to the nearby Winelands. I was delighted to discover that the basic Dutch I picked up whilst living in Amsterdam helped me to understand the gist of the local Afrikaans.

Following that old romantic adage, "It happens when you least expect it," I totally fell in love with Cape Town, a locale that was previously off my radar. Now I'm just waiting with baited breath to be invited back!

Below is a video snapshot of my journey to Cape Town during the balmy South African winter.