04/21/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

An Obituary to the New Orleans 'Aints

fans brown paper bag
The New Orleans 'Aints, the former leaders of the Who Dat Nation, died on February 7th, 2010. The cause is said to be a combination of factors, brought on by years of abuse and neglect along with blunt force trauma sustained when a powerful Brees thrust them in the path of some oncoming Colts.

Those who knew the 'Aints in their early days watched them struggle through those awkward teenage years. Like many adolescents, the 'Aints fell in with the wrong crowd, lumped in the category of "lovable losers" with the likes of the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their harsh upbringing took them down a dark and desolate path. While many members of their posse seemed to get on the right path, the 'Aints found it hard to follow the straight and narrow. Their loved ones were often so embarrassed by their behavior, they resorted to bizarre disguises in public, like wearing brown bags over their heads.

Several mentors came in and out of their lives, all with the best of intentions. Bum Phillips, Jim Mora, Archie Manning, Bobby Hebert and a team of leaders known as "The Dome Patrol" each did their part to help the 'Aints battle their demons but it was to no avail. In their final year of life, the 'Aints worked hard to atone for their sins, paving the way for a new Who Dat era. They sought vengeance against all those who had kicked them while they were down, the bullies on the block if you will. They slayed Giants, plucked Dirty Birds, assassinated alleged "Patriots" and slaughtered the very same Vikings that had stood in their way so many times before. But ironically, the 'Aints true path to redemption would be in death.

On February 7th, 2010, the 'Aints took their final breath. They died a peaceful death, surrounded by those who loved them most. They are survived by a proud Who Dat Nation, a Super Bowl Championship team and a grateful city who will never forget the sacrifices of the 'Aints and how those sacrifices made them stronger as a people.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, February 20th at d.b.a. on 618 Frenchmen St. in New Orleans, LA. The family requests that instead of flowers, those who knew and loved the 'Aints bring their brown paper bags as a tribute to the 'Aints and their late papa, Buddy D. Services will include a jazz funeral throughout Treme.

We'll never forget you 'Aints (but we sure as hell don't want you to be resurrected).