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Shaneika Dabney

Shaneika Dabney

Posted: April 21, 2010 05:52 PM

And the Lucky Winner of a Dinner with Shockey Is....

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..flat-chested, gets decked out in Saints paraphenalia and loves talking about football. No, it's not me, it's a little boy named Tyler!

Jeremy Shockey ended his facebook contest on Sunday to find one lucky fan to take out to dinner. He decided not to play into the media's hand by picking a busty blonde to wine and dine. Instead, he picked a boy named Tyler who sent in a sweet video telling Shockey he should be picked because it would make his Dad in heaven happy and because he's a boy who likes to talk about football. It's a decision that's probably got a lot of Shockey's lady fans wishing they hadn't cut the tags off their black and gold thongs...

Shockey hasn't said where or when he and little Tyler will meet up. Hey, maybe they'll even squeeze in a little time to get the tween all tatted up, just like his hero. The least he could do is slather a little cooking oil in the kid's know, so he can look all "Shockey-fied"!

Congrats to little Tyler.


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