Attention Bobby Jindal: Saints Fans Command You to Stay Home!

03/22/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Saints Superdome Football
If there's one thing this chick hates more than a bandwagon fan, it's a fan who doesn't do whatever it takes to help the team win. You sir, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, are the embodiment of both. Jindal, who hasn't been to one Saints game all season long, has decided to "get jinxy with it" by attending the Saints' NFC Championship game on Sunday. Why you ask? Because he doesn't want to "miss such a historic moment."

Uh...dude, you're the first Indian Governor of Louisiana. Haven't you witnessed enough history?

Maybe I'm being way too superstitious or maybe I know just how these things go. You see, Jindal's story is already getting national media attention. That means the football gods are on high alert. Is it really worth messing up a good thing just so you can say "I was there when things went to crap and I destroyed the hopes and dreams of millions of fans!" You live in a mansion, likely loaded with flat screen TVs and maids and catered stuff. Watch the game there!! No trust me, it'll be much cozier than that cramped, loud, yucky Superdome.

Saints fans, we must unite on this issue. Let's get 9th Ward with it and tell Jindal to "stay his ass home" on Sunday. I mean you politicians have to mess up everything?!

We've started a Facebook group to voice our opposition. It's called Just Say No to the Jindal Jinx!! Join our movement... send a message... and help to secure our Super Bowl success.