08/13/2014 12:33 pm ET Updated Oct 12, 2014

You're Competing With Netflix and It Isn't a Fair Fight

I am not sure how healthy this is to admit, but the truth is Netflix has become my new obsession. I hide my addiction like a prison boyfriend but I can easily binge on a whole season of Damages in two days. When you ask me to do something on the weekend you are really competing with Netflix.

And sometimes, just sometimes this outstanding mom will set Kate up with a string of Spiderman shows and plug Grace into an exciting adventure show so she can get just one more episode in before it's time to cook supper. Haha, just kidding.... I don't cook supper.

Anyway, you'll be happy to know the bulk of our Netflix indulgence happens long after the kids are in bed, but in the spirit of being honest, I do appreciate the times when they decide they want to satiate their need for Netflix because I am tired. I am 'wake up in the morning and immediately think of going back to bed' tired. Who's with me?

So, to the other moms and dads who look at their phones too much and gorge on Netflix and cook from frozen and drink from a box and turn down invitations because Netflix doesn't ask questions... I understand.