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Shankar Desai

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Where Does Everyone in NYC Want to Live?

(0) Comments | Posted February 4, 2011 | 10:19 AM

An intern at Naked apartments manually counted up all the searches renters have done on the site to date -- that's around 500,000 -- to come up with an insightful and sexy info. graphic

Some of it is "I knew that" info. but some of it is "Um, yeah, of...

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Thank You, Tara Stiles!

(7) Comments | Posted January 25, 2011 | 4:53 PM

For much of my young life I had felt the emptiness of existence. At the age of 18, I found yoga.

Over the years, yoga has slowly served to fill much of that emptiness with meaning.

Through the amazing Tara Stiles, I have been able to identify and articulate...

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The Top Five New York Renting Resources You Probably Don't Know About

(2) Comments | Posted January 26, 2010 | 10:57 AM

If you live in New York City you probably have at least one apartment renting horror story. You probably even have that million-dollar idea to solve the nightmare -- but as of today it only exists as a napkin drawing and you still need to find a place. Read on...

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