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Shannon Bradley-Colleary
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Shannon Bradley-Colleary is a Life Coach at and a Scribe, Tart, Provocateur at TWFKAB. Her latest book, Married Sex: Fact and Fiction is available for download now.

Entries by Shannon Bradley-Colleary

The #1 Death Knell For Married Sex

(16) Comments | Posted July 12, 2016 | 5:46 AM

#1 killer of married sexTeenagers are consummate C-blockers! 

They put the kibosh on romance because they have the hearing of Doberman crime dogs; they can hear a mouse fart through your dense plaster and lathe walls.

The thought of you and their father...

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A Cool Recovery Tool: It Helps You Act/Not React In A Toxic Relationship

(0) Comments | Posted July 11, 2016 | 2:05 PM

Put this one in your emotional toolbox, stat!

When we're in a relationship with a toxic person aka Mope-About, Passive-Aggressive Ballroom Champion, Commitment-phobe, Relationship Detonator, we have a looooooootttttt of negative thoughts and feelings.

Some thoughts you may have:

  • If I can't make it work with this guy, I'll never...
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This Is The Worst Thing You Can Do When You're In Love With An Asshat

(0) Comments | Posted July 5, 2016 | 3:05 AM

"He's definitely seeing other women behind my back. I know he's bad for me. I know he won't change. There are times I'm so sick of him, I don't ever want to see his face again! Then why is it that the thought of leaving him makes me feel like...
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Are You Making the One Mistake That Keeps You From Attracting a Healthy Man?

(0) Comments | Posted June 13, 2016 | 7:25 PM

My client Margaret (who has allowed me to share her tale) has been stuck in a dead-end, emotionally abusive relationship with Colin for several years and is desperate to unstick herself, because she turns thirty-six this fall and her ovaries are impatiently tapping their stilettos.

They whisper to her in...

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A Powerful Tool To Stay Peaceful In A Bad Relationship

(1) Comments | Posted June 8, 2016 | 5:15 AM

Some lousy relationships we just can't quit. And often we don't know where our partner begins and we end, which can create pain and chaos.

If our partner criticizes or walls himself off or lies or cheats or mopes or is just generally shitastic we often think it's our fault.

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A Simple 'Brain Trick' for Dealing With Mean People

(1) Comments | Posted May 23, 2016 | 2:54 PM

"I am so sick of moving you out of apartments. I've moved you out of five apartments in four years and enough is enough!!"

"You know Jeremy threw me out and I have to move today! I thought we were friends, but I guess if you have to go to...

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7 Bullet Points for Talking to Your Kids About Pornography

(0) Comments | Posted April 19, 2016 | 1:06 PM

A recent article, "Sex Before Kissing: 15-Year-Old Girls Dealing With Porn Addicted Boys," describes how pornography is affecting young boys' brains, turning them into misogynistic aggressors who might objectify and assault girls in the course of what they consider to be "normal" sexual practices.

"We need to have...

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The Bold Way This Woman is Fighting Stage-4 Metastatic Breast Cancer

(9) Comments | Posted February 11, 2016 | 8:37 PM


Danielle Smit had a devastating diagnosis of Stage-4 Metastatic Breast Cancer in April of 2014 and was given two years to live.

Rather than curl up and quit she made a decision to fight the disease with every fiber of her being. And part...

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Don't Make This Painful Mistake When It Comes to Emotional Detachment

(0) Comments | Posted January 26, 2016 | 4:21 PM

"I know what he should do! He should definitely stop drinking a Big Gulp of tequila in bed every night after losing all of his paycheck playing online Bingo, which was supposed to be spent on paying off our second mortgage."
-- Anyone who has loved an addict...

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Advice for Men: If You Don't Want Kids DO NOT Age the Egg!

(3) Comments | Posted January 18, 2016 | 9:37 AM

Regarding Rule #1 to Avoid Becoming a Male Asshat, I believe it was Rod Tidwell who said it best during a post-game bro-chat with Jerry Maguire.

"A real man does not shoplift the 'pooty' from a single mom."

To which Jerry hemmed and hawed like a burgeoning asshat, "I didn't...

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How A Blind Date Made Sex With My Husband Super Hot

(27) Comments | Posted January 11, 2016 | 10:14 AM

Henry and I had been married for 10 years when I made him meet me for a blind date.

I'd been nursing an inexplicable obsession with the singer Gavin DeGraw and felt I ought to refocus my energy on real-life sex before I ran off on Gavin's...

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The No. 1 Unseen Danger of Always Needing to Be Right

(0) Comments | Posted January 8, 2016 | 12:46 PM

But I'm right!

  • He should have called when he said he would!
  • She shouldn't have partied in Las Vegas with her girlfriends then come home too tired to go to the wedding she said she'd attend with me!
  • He should have followed through and picked up the kids at the...
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Can Disneyland Save the Syrian Refugees and Trump Donald Trump?

(13) Comments | Posted December 16, 2015 | 1:06 PM

As a volunteer returning from a two-week stint in Syrian refugee camps on the island of Lesvos in Greece, I find Donald Trump's recent call to ban all Muslims (even American citizens) from entering the United States arguably the most outrageous response to the Hydra of catastrophe erupting...

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From Suburban Mom to Syrian Refugee Camp Volunteer: These are our Families

(0) Comments | Posted December 7, 2015 | 12:30 PM

With the San Bernardino tragedy unfolding on our television screens and fear of Muslims, hence refugees, at DefCon 5 I felt I had to share my recent experience volunteering in Syrian refugee camps as a journalist, but more importantly, as a mother. It begins like this:

"I'm such an...

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Civilian Dispatches From Syrian Refugee Camps in Lesvos Post-Paris

(4) Comments | Posted November 18, 2015 | 3:56 PM

The coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris claiming the lives of 128+ people and injuring at least 200 at the time of this writing are a tragedy beyond measure.

As a volunteer and journalist in the Syrian refugee camps, Moria and Kara Tepe, on the small island of Lesvos in Greece,...

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The 'Hidden Truth' Mental Health Professionals Don't Always Prepare You For

(0) Comments | Posted November 4, 2015 | 5:04 PM

There's a bummer therapists, psychologists and life coaches don't like to tell. It's this:

Recovery hurts. It is not all Zippity Doo Da, Zippity Yay. My, Oh my, What a Wonderful Day!


Whether we're recovering from drugs, alcohol, overworking, gambling, perfectionism or codependency (which is the inability to have...

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What A Middle-Aged Woman Is Really Thinking In Bed With A Partner

(25) Comments | Posted October 28, 2015 | 5:21 AM

Midlife sex can be challenging.

Some of us need sex aides just to get things started. Viagra for both men and women -- (men, you are no longer alone when it comes to performance anxiety) -- as well as lubricant, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and any sex tape that DOES...

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2 Surprising Ways to Disempower Crippling Shame

(0) Comments | Posted October 23, 2015 | 12:59 PM

As a 12-step life coach I've got clients who come from all walks of life. Some are women, some are men. Some are professionals, others unemployed. The youngest is in her 20s, the oldest in his 60s.

But there's one common thread that connects them.


  • Shame that they're in...
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4 bugie che le persone di mezza età si raccontano pur di salvare un matrimonio infelice

(1) Comments | Posted October 22, 2015 | 5:50 AM

"Quando lo guardo vado letteralmente su tutte le furie", dice Margaret.
Quando la cinquantaduenne Margaret (che mi ha accordato il permesso di condividere la sua storia) è diventata mia cliente, era sposata con Ted da 25 anni ed avevano due figli di 12 e di 15 anni.

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4 Lies Boomers Believe To Stay Unhappily Married

(332) Comments | Posted October 21, 2015 | 6:29 AM

"When I look at his face I literally see red," Margaret said.

When 52-year-old Margaret (who has given me permission to share her story) became my client she'd been married to Ted for 25 years and they had two children, 12 and 15.

Ted was a binge drinker and...

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