03/13/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Alaskan Attorney General Resigns: Palin Protected

Talis Colberg has resigned in the wake of the Troopergate scandal. Last Friday the Alaska Senate found the witnesses who had ignored subpoenas in Contempt. The subpoenas has been issued when Sarah Palin's willingness to comply with Mr. Branchflower waned after her nomination.

Governor Palin's press release included:

"Talis is a highly intelligent, thoughtful and reserved scholar who brought considerable legal knowledge and great personal integrity to the position. I appreciate his willingness to serve and as the search for a new attorney general begins, I will look for someone with the same strong moral character as Talis. I wish him well in his future endeavors."

Last fall, Alaskans for Truth delivered a petition to the Governor's office with thousands of signatures asking for Mr. Colberg's resignation. The Senate vote created added pressure. Sarah let Talis resign today as though his illegal advice to her husband Todd and her aids WAS HIS OWN IDEA. The McCain legal stromtroopers were crawling all over Alaska and Mr. Colberg was over his head. When Frank Bailey, aid to Palin, was outed with a phone call for putting indirect pressure on Walt Monegan he put in a letter of resignation. Palin refused to accept it. I like Frank, but Palin paid him State money to keep him under her "legal teams advice." The new Attorney General needs to be willing to investigate the abuse of power charges against Palin. Do you think that's on her list of questions during the interview?

Alaska's witness tampering law makes it a crime to "attempt" to "induce" a person not to show up for a legislative subpoena.

Help Wanted; Attorney General for Alaska.

I'm expecting Joe the Plumber to apply.