Palin's "Servant's Heart" Needs a Transplant

04/10/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
During Alaska's State of the State speech in January of this year, Governor Palin said,

"As public servants, will we draw from a servant's heart the resolve to put pettiness and power struggles aside and work together for the good of the people? We have the choice."

Wow. She sounded great! What a relief! She didn't get too cranky coming back here after her failed Vice-Presidential bid. She proclaimed she was ready to work with everyone; that it was a choice whether to work for the good of the people or wallow in pettiness! Yea!

She's fabulous when she's reading a teleprompter looking like a Mary Kay advertisement collided with the "hair bump" infomercial. Line up recent events with the "I talk pretty" speech and you find hypocrisy plaque has clogged the oxygen supply to her "servant's heart." If by "we" she meant "me," the answer is "no."

A collective sigh of relief went up from progressives all over the world when Obama's victory was sealed. I wondered if part of it was the wobbly knee feeling you get when you've just avoided a car wreck; Palin. My heart soared and sank at the same time. I knew she was coming back to Alaska.

Many have reported on the political drama brought to the tundra courtesy of the McCain/Palin campaign and James Dobson's Legal Operatives. Meg Stapleton and Ed O'Callahan bloviated like desperate actors starring in a community theater whose very lives depended on their performance. "Partisan Politics!" they hollered. It felt like a guy with a crack pipe lecturing about the ills of cigarettes. Political shrapnel...well, that's one thing. Navigating Juneau would be easier if we had a map of the political payback IEDs Palin planted.

The reality for legislators who supported Barack Obama is grim. God help you if you spoke out about how qualified you felt Palin was to be a heart beat away from the Office of the President of the United States of America-THE WHITE HOUSE! Former political allies, Democrats who passed signature legislation with the administration, damn near need to be organ donor perfect matches to get a meeting with the governor now.

This week, Senator Kim Elton resigned from representing Juneau after 20 years of service to work in the Obama administration in Washington DC. An upgrade, he's now working on behalf of all Alaskans as director of Alaska affairs for the U.S. Department of the Interior.

The Governor's immediate response to Elton's appointment was in stark contrast to her State of the State address just weeks ago.

March 2, 2009: "Senator Elton pledged his allegiance to President Obama last summer. We wish him well as he moves on and hope that he uses this job for Alaska's benefit..."

Mean girl. This is the kind of snarky crap someone who didn't think you'd recognize their handwriting would write in your yearbook.

Senator Elton and the Democrats endorsed Representative Beth Kerttula D-Juneau. During the special sessions to pass new oil tax legislation and advance the gas pipeline, Governor Palin aligned herself with House Minority Leader Kerttula in an "up yours" message to the Republican Senate Leader Lyda Green. Kerttula was also one of the first Alaskans on record saying Palin wasn't qualified to be vice-president...hence the snub.

Wait...Palin doesn't have to use the pool given to her by the Juneau Democrats. It is the tradition, and there are only 38 days left in the session, so the vetting needs to happen. When Wasilla's Republican Representative Vic Kohring vacated his seat to GO TO PRISON FOR CORRUPTION, Palin replaced him with one of the elders at her church and favorite boy of the Alaska Family Council, Wes Keller. His name was one of three submitted to her. Too bad for Beth Kerttula, the Wasilla Bible Church doesn't allow women to serve in positions of leadership. Ironic. When Sarah Needed Beth...

Rumor has it Palin is leaning towards Tim Grussendorf, a fisherman and finance committee staffer. Grussendorf lost his campaign against the indicted Bruce Weyrauch. He hasn't been a registered Democrat for a full year and was eliminated from consideration for that reason by the party. Representative Beth Kerttula was the Democratic Party's qualified, experienced, sensible, deserving and obvious choice. A no brainer! Governor Palin should honor that.

Governor Palin's State of the State address gave many hope for a cooperative and productive session. We didn't go there by ourselves.

She said: "See, we have that choice, how to respond to circumstances around us...I speak for the entire Palin/Parnell Administration when I declare we choose optimism and collaboration and hard work to get the job done."

She was right. We have a choice. She's made hers and it contradicts her public statement. Her servant's heart is on life support. Her declaration of collaboration needs resuscitation. An angioplasty of humility is needed STAT.

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