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Sharon Rose Beier, MD
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Sharon Rose Beier, MD, FAAP, created the Bronx Teen Health Center @MHHC with the strengths of Bronx youth, bringing together Adolescent Medicine and Youth Development. Gileana Gonzalez, Teen Program Coordinator, and Luis Mena, Vaughn College student, former patients, were the first leaders of the Youth Advisory Board. They helped create and still lead BTHC Young Men’s/Young Women’s groups. Dr. Beier has given workshops with youth on Black and Latino youth health issues/Youth Development at the American Academy of Pediatrics, NYU, Fordham University. She was awarded grants from NYSDOH, NYCDOH and NYSDOL. She partners with Bronx institutions: Fordham University, NY Botanical Gardens, and the Bronx Zoo, creating community gardens/murals, Shakespeare plays, and getting jobs for youth. NYCDOH’s Bronx Teen Connections link the BTHC with juvenile offenders. Dr. Beier is the Co-Chair of the New York State Youth Development Team, a planning organization of state agencies to support NYS youth` activities. Youth Advisory Board presented in Albany the severe barriers they face are turned into opportunities. Dr. Beier was awarded the Robert J. Haggerty Pediatrics prize for “exceptional personal qualities, scholarship and concern for the care of all children” and an “Outstanding Citizen” citation by the Council of the City of New York.

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Beautiful Bronx! Young Men Take Action

(1) Comments | Posted September 20, 2013 | 12:17 PM

The Bronx Teen Health Center (BTHC) was founded in 2006 by Sharon Rose Beier, a doctor and pediatrician, with Bronx Youth, bringing together adolescent-friendly health care with youth development, building on the strengths of young people and our community.

Gileana Gonzalez and Luis Mena, former BTHC patients, were the...

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