09/06/2013 02:27 pm ET Updated Nov 06, 2013

How to Keep Family Happy so You and Your Fiancée Can Love the Process?

Everyone wants to be a part of joyous celebration. To avoid hurt feelings, try to involve your family as much as possible. Allow them to give their input without overpowering your own decisions. Make a list of things you need to decide on such as the, color, themes, music, food, decoration, venue, and bridal party. Organize a family lunch or dinner where everyone can get together. Let everyone share their thoughts and ideas. Discuss each aspect of the celebration and be clear on what your expectations are. At the end of the day it's the bride and groom that will make the decisions, but providing an outlet for family to voice opinions will go a long way to stopping conflicts before they arise.

If you have the means to budget your wedding without help from family you will have a relatively happy and drama free wedding planning process. However, if family members would like to contribute to the wedding, either financially or with opinions, be sure they are aware of their role. It is a common occurrence for family member to assume they deserve more control over the wedding if they contribute to the wedding financially. Thank them for their kindness, but remind them it is not their wedding, and the final decisions ultimately rest with the bride and groom. Again be thankful, but firm in your resolve. Hopefully your family has your best interests at heart and will understand.

The more family members involved in the planning, the more room for differences of opinions and the potential for arguments. If you want a stress free weddings, try to plan as much of the wedding as possible before involving family members. Remove them from the biggest decisions that matter the most to you, and leave them to deliberate on aspects that you are more flexible on. You may lose a few small battles, but ultimately you will have a wonderful wedding that is completely your own, winning the ultimate battle.

Be sure to take the time to maintain a positive outlook, and realize that the wedding is about you and your loved one. In any wedding there are disagreements and differences of opinion, but it is still all about you. There are time when you may be frustrated, but do not let this discourage you. Take the time to address each concern, but trust that you and your fiancée know what is best for your wedding and everything will work out.

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