01/24/2011 08:03 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Looking for Your Inner Goddess? Come With Me...

A few months ago an intriguing e-mail popped into my inbox offering a free, one-hour telesummit titled "The Inspiring Women Summit: Activating Our Full Potential As Women." My curiosity (or perhaps some deep intuition) propelled me to register to attend. The sign-up was easy and the site was responsive, with immediate confirmation and plenty of information to inspire a busy woman to actually show up for the call. A few days later I dialed in and was overwhelmingly impressed by the power, energy and depth of the offering. The well-attended conference call concluded with an invitation to participate in a course called "Soulful Women -- Creating a Bigger, Brighter and More Meaningful Life." These were big promises to offer women in a 14-session series of interactive phone calls.

Hundreds of women from all over the world accepted the invitation to learn more about standing in our soulful, authentic femininity. Two amazing and talented women run the show -- Devaa Haley Mitchell and Elayne Doughty. They are inspiring, joyful and innovative. Using an interactive conference call model, Devaa and Elayne alternate leading the sessions and present their work in the most seamless and openhearted manner. I have never experienced such authentic instruction. The use of music, poetry, guided imagery, role-playing, sharing, listening and humor are some of the tools they employ to enlighten and uplift the participants. The core of the course, is an in-depth study of the qualities of the sacred feminine archetypes. Within the framework of these 13 archetypical characters, Devaa and Elayne craft a sisterhood of feminine spirit that learns to love and honor the "goddess" within each of us. Harnessing this powerful energy while igniting a zest for life is only part of the magic. The other side is owning and recognizing the issues that have been restricting or confining one's creative potential, passion or success. With real wonder I become a witness to a very special women's community emerging organically each session, one that is open to the instinctual wisdom of women throughout time.

As the course unfolds and I experience the unique qualities of the individual feminine archetypes, I relish in the divine inspiration and radiant presence they provide me each week.
Stay tuned...