Cannes Roundup: Yachts, India's Reliance and a Nuclear Doc

05/20/2010 05:05 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The real business in Cannes this year is going on in the port, where the yachts of Big Money are parked -- French-Tunisian media financier Taraq Ben Ammar, ex-Microsoft mogul Paul Allen (who has Mick Jagger aboard) and the Isle of Man fund. Agents and producers parade in and out, paying homage and aggressively offering friendship to cash-rich newbies like Pennsylvania billionaire Norton Herrick.

The minds of Hollywood are particularly concentrated on where the money lies at a time when money is particularly scarce.

This was reflected in the high-end turnout at the IM Global-Big Reliance cocktail party, where the chairman of the Indian multi-billion-dollar media giant Ammit Khanna found himself surrounded by new buddies from Comerica and Citibank.

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