Leading Egyptian Actor Calls on U.S. to Support Protesters

01/29/2011 07:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Egyptian actor Khaled Nabawy is one of the Arab world's leading movie and television stars, and has been in American films from Fair Game to Kingdom of Heaven. Nabawy was among the protesters in the street on Friday, marching and chanting for change of the Egyptian regime. He spoke exclusively on Saturday to me about the protests and the "terrifying" state of insecurity in Egypt at the moment.

You were among the protesters?

Yes of course. The big day was yesterday and I was there with the people. I feel what they feel. They are a generation that surprised everybody in the country. We thought that the Egyptian people would not join in building their destiny. But they proved the opposite.

They went to the streets and were very civilized, very much in peace. Saying what they want -- which is, they want change. Which is okay after 50 years.

Where were you yesterday?

I was downtown. We walked a long way from Mohandeseen to Dokki Square, Tahrir Street -- huge streets. I was walking with the people.

Who are they?

The Egyptian people, the young generation. They are definitely not the Muslim Brotherhood. Some of them participated, but a very minor percentage. This is the real Egyptian people. You can see girls, mothers, old men, young men, students.

Why is this happening now?

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