Why Did the Nazis Film the Dying Jews of Warsaw?

TEL AVIV - In a French-themed café a block from the teeming beach, producer Noemi Schory explained why her new Holocaust documentary, An Unfinished Film, did not deserve the R rating that the MPAA handed down this week after a final appeal.

Yes, she said, the film has shocking images: corpses on the streets of the Warsaw Ghetto, starving children, a mass grave. And some nudity: naked men, and then women, entering a ritual bath.

It is a harsh film, even a brutal one. But it is also an historical document that until now has been unseen by the public, and whose purpose remains a mystery.

"I am upset about (the rating) theoretically, and practically this will create difficulties," she said, ignoring an iced lemonade. "It puts up another obstacle to seeing it. "

With whichever rating, An Unfinished Film is not a typical Holocaust documentary. Instead, it investigates a mysterious Nazi movie production, a 30-day shoot inside the Warsaw Ghetto conducted by three Nazi film crews, shortly before it was liquidated in 1942.

The film is far too elaborate to have been a mere newsreel propaganda exercise. (Read the rest of this article here....)

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