07/16/2012 12:12 pm ET | Updated Sep 15, 2012

WATCH: 60 Seconds of Social Media

The DNS Changer virus may not have caused the havoc many expected, but don't get too complacent -- that's just one of a number of nasty viruses and malware out there waiting to get a hold of your system. Is your smartphone next?

Nefarious types all over the world release an estimated 6,000 viruses a month into the wild, and they've adapted with the times. They lurk on social media networks, and increasingly, according to new stats, on your mobile devices.

Check out this week's episode of Freshwire's "60 Seconds of Social Media" for a look at how far viruses have come, and where they're headed next.

Plus, in our Social Media Shorthand segment, we'll tell you about paywalls.

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