12/02/2013 05:49 pm ET Updated Feb 01, 2014

WATCH: Welcome to Cyber Everyday

Perhaps you've noticed via the 80 billion emails that have gone out today that it's Cyber Monday. A time to go hog wild and buy buy buy online. But our love for e-commerce refuses to be contained to just one day.

Let's start with Black Friday - yes, vast swaths of humanity descended upon retail stores on Friday, but a record $1.2 billion in sales came in online, a 15% increase.

Many online retailers extended Black Friday into a week of sales. With predicting $82 billion in holiday online sales this year, it's hard to imagine retailers not finding a way to prolong the buying bonanza next year. We're already at $20.6 billion, according to comScore, even with Thanksgiving coming a week later than usual.

It's tough to tell where Black Friday ends and Cyber Monday begins anymore. "It's more fuzzy because we can shop so many more ways and have products fulfilled in more ways," says Steve Yankovich, a VP at EBay.

With special sites and apps to help consumers find what they want when they want it at the best price possible, schlepping out to the mall seems less and less appealing. "Often we'll see deals online prior to and after Black Friday that can be just as good, if not better, than those we see in store," according to Karen Macumber, chief marketing officer of ShopAdvisor.

So how is this Cyber Monday stacking up? The AP is reporting that online shopping is up 18.7% percent compared to last year at the same time, so people are clearly cybering it up out there. Bloomberg predicts December 2nd will be "the biggest online shopping day of 2013."

Next year will it be just one day in a month of online sales?

In this week's episode of "The Content Brief" from Freshwire below, we look at the online migration of Black Friday. Someday in the future there may be a Black Friday without a Walmart taser fight. Someday.

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