10/25/2011 08:10 pm ET | Updated Dec 25, 2011

Blowback: The Failure of Cain Cool

New ad from Herman Cain team undermines its own message

Herman Cain's new ad is all the talk today.

It's a good ad in a way -- the smoking is effective as emotional code for regulation running amok, limiting personal freedom.

Mark Block, fresh from the Wisconson branch of the Koch-family-funded Americans for Prosperity Tea Party astroturfer, makes smoking into an anti-government act of defiance. He comes off as cool in an aging James Dean sort of way, as he blows smoke at the camera.

But then, trying to pull a Jesse The Thinker wink, the ad cuts to Herman Cain and his logo - which, epic, ironic fail, looks a lot like the logo for the American Cancer Society.

acs logo

Or is it the American Heart Association?

aha logo

Either way, bad choice, speaking as a filmmaker. Here's how you do it RIGHT: