07/31/2014 11:15 am ET Updated Sep 30, 2014

Seamless Transitions From Divorce to Dating

Divorces are tough, but eventually you're going to want to get back into the dating scene.

Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult experiences you'll face in life. Many recent divorcees, used to the idea of being in a long-term relationship, immediately start thinking about how they'll ever get back into the dating game.

It's not a transition that comes easy. Some divorcees thrust themselves immediately into the dating world, looking to distract themselves or instantly replace their previous long-term relationship with a new one. Others seclude themselves, avoiding any romantic contact out of fear or independence.

In most cases, neither of these options is the best choice.

If you've recently gone through a divorce and you're thinking about how to get back into the dating scene, you need to prepare yourself mentally. Before you plunge in head first looking for your next major relationship, do take some time for yourself. That length of time isn't the same for everybody, but don't let it become your focus. Give yourself enough time to rediscover your individual identity, then work on becoming more social.

Even if you're not interested in a relationship, dating is a beneficial experience. You get to meet new people, experience new things and be social in a stimulating environment. While you may feel anxious or uncertain about it, it's important to overcome your hesitations and make an effort to get back into the scene.

Your first date may seem uncomfortable or anxiety-inducing, but remember that no date is perfect. It will take time for you to feel truly comfortable dating new people, but it's important to allow yourself to be open to those new experience if you're going to move past your divorce.

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