AOL Worth an Estimated $3.4 Billion in Spin Off: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer November 17, 2009

05/25/2011 02:40 pm ET
  • Shelly Palmer Business Advisor, Author, Commentator and Host of Fox Television's Shelly Palmer Digital Living.

Time Warner's long awaited spinoff of AOL will happen December 9th. The spin off estimates that AOL is worth approximately $3.4 billion, 1/11th of Time Warner's total worth. The $3.4 billion valuation is two billion less than the company was estimated to be worth in July.

A British report notes that phony Canadian pharmacists are selling counterfeit swine flu drugs online. The con artists, which are suspected to be Russian mobsters, are making millions on the fake transactions. The group behind the survey is telling prospective customers to avoid purchasing H1N1 or Swine Flu drugs online, especially Tamiflu.

A new study by the American Heart Association believes some games on Nintendo's Wii may actually be making users healthier. The study specifically sites the Wii sports and Wii fit series, saying that users who play increase energy levels by taking part in "moderate intensity exercise." While the gaming console does not provide any direct health benefit, Motohiko Miyachi, who led the study, said it "may contribute to prevention of cardiovascular diseases."

YouTube and Univision have struck a deal that will stream long and short form content from Univision on the video network. The parties believe the deal will increase the growing number of hispanic's streaming video online, a demographic which grew over 80% last year. Viewers can expect programming from all three of Univision's networks to hit YouTube in the next three months.

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