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Fusion Garage's Joojoo Tablet to Ship This Month: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer February 4, 2010

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As the tablet wars heatup, Fusion Garage announced that its new Joojoo offering will ship by the end of the month. The controversial touch-screen tablet, formerly known as the CrunchPad, is 12" and, unlike the iPad, will support Flash. One of the biggest selling points for the Joojoo is that with a 720P screen and HD Flash capability, users will be able to seamlessly stream content from Hulu and other video networks.

In other tablet news, Amazon purchased touch-screen company called Toucho yesterday. Toucho specializes in flexible, multi-touch screens that could potentially transform the Kindle into a more powerful tablet. (Think, SuperKindle!) Analysts believe the purchase is a signal that the next line of Kindle's will not only feature color screens, but force-sensitive color screens.

A new text service is set to offer patients the ability to text a doctor for medical advice. Currently in beta, and only available to health care professionals and the media, Truth On Call will allow patients to text a question or symptom to a group of Doctors, whose responses will be culled together. While the service will cost $50 per question, it hopes to crowd-source answers from Doctors around the country, in order for patients to determine the best way to treat an illness or ailment.

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