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Shelly Palmer

Shelly Palmer

Posted: April 6, 2010 02:43 AM

HP's New Slate Coming Soon

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Just days after the iPad hit stores, HP leaked a video preview of its new slate computer. The supposed "iPad killer" has a video camera, as well as a USB port, and plays Flash video -- all features the iPad does not have. Is the new HP slate really going to be an iPad killer? There are over 50 competitors coming to market, one of them may have a shot.

Meanwhile, Apple did something a little out of the ordinary. They announced that the new iPhone operating system, OS4 will debut this Thursday. Perhaps we're closer to a Verizon iPhone than we have been led to believe.

Speaking of Verizon, Microsoft is set to reveal its new line of Verizon Windows Phone 7 smart phones next week. Code named, "Pink" they have a bunch of built-in social networking tools and they are set to debut later this year.

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