07/02/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

iPad 3G + WiFi Video Issues

HTML5 Gains Support: In the wake of Steve Jobs's anti-Flash rant, a new voice has emerged in support of HTML5. Microsoft said that IE9 will play both HTML5 and Flash videos. Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome browser support HTML5 already. In case you were wondering, Flash is under serious attack.

iPad 3G Video Issues: After a weekend with consumers, there is news that video streaming on the 3G iPad is not all that. Some apps, like video from ABC, are simply not available on the 3G network. Many are also noting that the YouTube streaming capabilities are extremely lo-fi. Remarkably, this may not be an AT&T network issue.

Apple Kills LaLa: Apple will shutter its Lala music site, which many believed it acquired to speed an iTunes streaming service to market. The site is no longer accepting registrations and no one knows how Apple plans to deal with all of the embedded music files on third-party websites.

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