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iPhone 4 Issues? Try Duct Tape

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July 14, 2010 - Today's most interesting stories in technology, media and entertainment:

iPhone Antenna Issues? Try Duct Tape: As controversy surrounding the new iPhone grows, Apple is telling users experiencing antenna issues to put duct tape over the lower left side of the device. This seems like a low-tech remedy for a high tech gadget, but I tried it and a small strip of duct tape solves the problem. Duct tape to the rescue once again.

Facebook Will Always Be Free: Facebook is putting some users fears to rest. The social network continues to proclaim "it's free (and always will be)." While this may not come as a surprise, there are still skeptics who believe that Facebook could begin to charge for membership. They say they won't. I believe them.

TV ratings hit a record low during the first week of July: The four major networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, & Fox) averaged 18.9 million viewers for the week. To put that in perspective, "American Idol" usually has higher ratings for a single episode.

Sprint 4G is Real: The wireless provider unleashed service in New York and California, both of which find users suffering from AT&T's clogged network, as well as 41 other metro markets across 16 states. Currently, Sprint is the only provider in the US to offer 4G service.

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