Lost Premier Hits Web Before TV: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer February 3, 2010

04/05/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Last night was the scheduled premier of the final season of Lost. However, a sneak preview of the mysterious show was held Monday night in Hawaii and someone in attendance recorded the show and subsequently posted it on a torrent sharing network. The file was downloaded over 25,000 times, with plot lines and twists published on Twitter. Another example of consumer's taking control of their media.

Major educational publishers are teaming with electronic book software company ScrollMotion to bring textbooks to the iPad. While McGraw-Hill and Education Media & Publishing Group are aligning their interests to cater to students using eBooks, so is Kaplan, the SAT-prep company. Bringing textbooks and test-prep courses to electronic books may not only be a great way to help students, it could also enhance learning through interactivity, which has been touted by educators for over two decades.

As it attempts to compete with the iPhone, Google announced that the Nexus One now features multi-touch capability. The company is also working to correct 3G issues that have been plaguing users. Google hopes that the multi-touch enabled Google Maps, as well as other apps, will help steer users toward the Nexus One and away from the iPhone.

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