Sexting Could Make You a Sex Offender

05/21/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

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Should teenagers who are caught sexting become registered sex offenders?  The law in many states names teens just that, even in cases where the pornographer and the victim turn out to be one and the same person. With one in five kids sexting, this may be a good time to review the laws and redefine what images should be censored.

Google is ready to exit China. The search giant is set to the make the announcement today, which may have them removing their search service from China as early as April 10th. The move comes amidst increased security threats and finds Google doing its best to protect the free, uncensored web.

Universal hopes to spur CD sales but slashing prices. UMG will price new discs between $6-$10, a major discount for consumers. UMG CEO Jim Urie hopes the decision to cut the price of CDs will "bring new life into the physical format."

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