T-Mobile Users Ending Texts with 'X' are Metrotextuals: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer November 4, 2009

11/04/2009 08:37 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

According to T-Mobile, about 22% of male texters end their sms messages to their male friends with hugs and kisses. Lower case x's, which denote little kisses, and even upper case x's or multiple x's which denote big kisses. If you're a man who likes to kiss and text, T-mobile says you're a metrotextual.

Best Buy and Roxio CinemaNow are teaming to stream first run DVDs to users. The move between the retailer, who relies heavily on DVD sales and the streaming service owned by SonicSolutions, finds Best Buy expanding its streaming service to customers by going online. Best Buy currently offers Netflix streaming through Best Buy branded Blu-ray players, however, bringing an online streaming service to market accomplishes one of the company's biggest goals. "To have broad availability in the marketplace, across multiple devices."

Twitter is expanding its language services and finally making the service available in Spanish. While users have been able to write in their own languages, Twitter in Spanish translates the entire site to the language, which the company hopes will make the service more attractive to Spanish speaking users worldwide. The company plans on readying the French, German and Italian languages for use shortly.

The T-Mobile USA network experienced a massive outage yesterday.
Customers trying to access the mobile web and send calls endured great pains while the network was down. It is estimated that the outage began around 5:29 pm and lasted for eight hours.

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