06/12/2012 07:24 am ET Updated Aug 12, 2012

New York City's Fresh Crop Of Modern Hotels (PHOTOS)

New York City's hotel scene is a mirror image of the city itself, innovative, surprising and multifaceted. The most recent hotel boom has brought fashionista "it" spots, reinvented business retreats, and birthed the edgy hotel-as-art-gallery trend.

From Midtown to the High Line to the downtown financial district, fresh contenders offer a brave new world of options for Manhattan-bound travelers (we'll save Brooklyn's burgeoning hotel scene for another story), whether you want to schmooze with celebs, hang with the hipster crowd, or mingle with power brokers. And if you can't commit to bedding down at one of these hotspots, don't fret -- each one has a dramatic rooftop space for everyone to enjoy.

New York City's Sexiest New Hotels