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Sherri York
Sherri York is co-founder and writer of the popular food blog,, where she keeps her food real and her life processed. She also writes for Edible Westside, after having an illustrious career in entertainment marketing with MTV Networks in New York and Disney/ABC in Los Angeles. Raised on Wisconsin cheese, sausage and good cheer, York is a self-taught chef and a student in culinary travels. She met her husband in Chicago and they now reside in Los Angeles where they are raising their two children on farmer’s markets, sushi, sunshine, and good cheer.

Blog Entries by Sherri York

Food Fight: Beating Processed Food Marketers at Their Own Game

Posted April 17, 2011 | 21:53:59 (EST)

Three times a day I was up against a devious force that had captured the hearts, minds, and mouths of my kids. The processed food industry was at play and it was feeding my kids a load of...well, crap.

Maybe if we lived in a sheltered world without school...

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