Day 4 of the Rocking the Globe-L Warming Tour

04/13/2007 06:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Last night, we played Baton Rouge to an enthusiastic crowd. I am proud to announce that we had four protesters, each defending global warming because it enables them to work on their tans longer. (I think they must have missed the part in the lecture about extreme weather conditions on both ends of the spectrum). At any rate, of the four protesters, it is my understanding that one of the posters read, "Sheryl Crow kills cats." I'd like to clarify this by saying I am much too allergic to even get near a cat, not to mention, I find it difficult to kill a wasp.

Today began with a tour of the lower 9th. (Please see "beers, tears, and beignets" on the Huffington Post). It was a heavy I will carry with me for a long time. I truly believe that if all Americans could witness the devastation and the emotional upheaval this city has endured that we would all be volunteering to rebuild houses and we'd be writing checks. I made my second record here in 1996 and loved living on the edge of the French Quarter. I got to know some of the most soulful folks while I was here and every sunny day was cause for an impromtu parade. of the most interesting things about being on the road with people is that you find out just how much they know. Larry will be excited to hear some of the popular phrases that I'm teaching his wife, such thirty, plummer's crack, bat in a cave, etc. Laurie, on the other hand, has taught me carbon footprint, glacial melt, and carbon sequestration.

Pictures can be viewed here.