07/15/2011 04:16 pm ET | Updated Sep 14, 2011

Mugglenet Founder: Harry Potter Is a "Gateway Drug for Reading"

Emerson Spartz, the creator of Mugglenet -- the most popular Harry Potter fansite around -- joined my show, What's Trending, this week to discuss the end of the Harry Potter era and what the future holds for Potter fans around the world. Social media expert/filmmaker Jason Pollock and actor Joshua Malina joined the panel discussion.

"One of the best things about Harry Potter is it was really the gateway drug to reading for an entire generation," Spartz said on the What's Trending Live show.

Spartz created Mugglenet when he was just 12, building it into a massively popular forum for fans of the novels around the world. An unofficial expert on all things involved in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Mugglenet creator doesn't believe that when the last film of the franchise hits screens on July 15 that it will spell the end for the-boy-who-lived (to get millions of children to open a book).

Jason Pollock who was on the panel during the conversation rang in accordance with Spatz saying, "It's the biggest franchise ever, since Mickey Mouse basically. It's there forever now. So kids forever will go through this journey."

"She's [J.K. Rowling] isn't going to abandon us. Harry Potter is a really big part of her life and our life," Spatz affirmed. With the recent launch of, it doesn't seem like the bespectacled wizard will be disappearing into pop-culture obscurity in the near future.

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