07/08/2011 03:23 pm ET | Updated Sep 07, 2011

Incubus Innovates Album Release With Digital Headquarters

I recently caught up with Incubus on's What's Trending to discuss their new album and how they're using a mix of online tools to bring their creativity and engagement with fans to another level. We got invited to their "digital headquarters", where the band is inviting fans to watch them as they perform and get involved in the process by making suggestions.

Incubus will be releasing their seventh studio album titled If Not Now, When? on July 12. This latest album is specifically relevant since their last original foray together was Light Grenades in 2009. A lot has changed for them since as artists -- vocalist Brandon Boyd released a solo album and lead guitarist Mike Einzinger went off to Harvard. Beyond their personal evolution, their latest album has them landing right into an even newer landscape of music filled with tweets, facebook updates and constant connectivity.

In response, Incubus created their own digital headquarters in Los Angeles to promote their album and engage with fans. At Incubus HQ Live, the band prepares for their latest tour in front of any fan with an Internet connection who wants to watch and any hater who wants to scoff. Fans can sign in through their social network of choice, jump into their world and enjoy the live stream including performances from the band and live chats.

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