Morgan Spurlock and Hulu Announce Partnership With FremantleMedia at SXSW

03/14/2012 02:50 pm ET | Updated May 14, 2012

Director Morgan Spurlock stopped by the Samsung Blogger Lounge at SXSW to share his thoughts on filmmaking in the digital age and to celebrate Season 2 of his Hulu series, A Day in the Life.

Describing A Day in the Life, he called it "a window into someone's life. The show is very fly-on-the-wall." The show visits people who very eclectic lives, like Richard Branson, QuestLove, and Mario Batali, and follows them around for a day.

Spurlock actually was an early adopter of using digital media to launch original programming. In 2000 (pre-Super Size Me), Spurlock had a company that was launching "television programs online to spring boarding them to film and tv, basically using it as a pilot. Just like we are doing now."

Not only did he participate in a panel at SXSW Interactive, but he was there with Hulu to announce a global TV syndication partnership with FremantleMedia. A Day in the Life will be the first original Hulu content to be taken to TV.