04/28/2014 07:22 pm ET Updated Jun 28, 2014

SHFTY YouTube Series: The New SNL For Vine Stars

Vine Sensations Brittany Furlan, Klarity, Brandon Calvillo, and Christiano Covino debut their new show SHFTY (Super Happy Fun Time, Yeah!) which is full of sketches, pranks, and other nonsense!

Covino said he was told to cast whoever he'd want for "digital SNL."

"They're the sharpest comedians and they're quick as a whip, ready to go, they can kill it," he said. "They're not necessarily the youngest but they're the freshest talent."

Furlan said she loves 6 seconds for her videos but it can be restrictive, and wanted to do long-form comedy.

Covino added the stars are easy to work with and playful and "great comedians."

"And self-hating!" Furlan joked.

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