03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Cause Conference Circuit

I recently had the opportunity to moderate a really great panel, Online Locally, Act Globally, at the Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas. I first posted some of my thoughts on my CBSNEWS.COM blog, and titled the piece, Philanthropy 1.0 and The Megaphone of the Internet.

Well, don't worry, this post isn't to break the news that within weeks we're already at Philanthropy 2.0. Although, as we all know, anything is possible with the speed of the Interwebs these days.

What the panel reiterated is a concept that has been buzzed about for a while now -- the power one individual can have using social media to create massive social change, as well as the power that message can have when brought offline.

You can check out the post above for some great tips on how to get people involved in your cause from Cameron Sinclair, founder and "Chief Eternal Optimist" of Architecture For Humanity.

I also got to chat with Jess McCarter, Vice President of Sales at Sama Source and Mark Horvath of InvisiblePeople.TV, who shared their stories of how the Internet has helped them bring ideas and people together for social change.

Sama Source is all about "megawork" bringing technology and tech-related work to developing countries.

Marc Horvath, who has experienced homelessness first hand, founded his website and vlog to bring people face to face with the homeless community.