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Bipper-Silje Meets With Arianna Huffington (Video)

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I short while ago I had the chance to meet with Arianna Huffington. I was asked to host her in LA for a conference broadcasting live to Norway, and in the break I had the opportunity to chat with Arianna -- on video -- about entrepreneurship in general and female entrepreneurship in particular.

To main lessons from 5 AM in the morning (yes, the nine hours time difference has consequences....):

(1) Girls -- let`s get rid of that feeling of guilt and be gentler on ourselves!
(2) We women need to be less afraid of failure. Fear of failure and entrepreneurship does not mix very well, and if we are to get more female entrepreneurs in the world we need to accept failing.

Do you think Arianna is right? What lessons have you learn from your professional - perhaps even entrepreneurial -- life?