07/01/2014 01:53 pm ET | Updated Aug 31, 2014

What Am I Learning Here?

Life is a game of learning, or what I call "remembering."

Have you ever watched nature's way of adapting, giving back to us and responding to the constant conditions under which she must function? Of course you have! We often hold plenty of opinions about her responses as well.

Feedback is such a huge trigger to help us see what we are learning. When we base our learning from catching subtle signals, messages from body language, and input from both allies and non-allies, we gain tremendous insights about ourselves. Perhaps the reason why some folks resist feedback or signals is that it might re-interrupt our behavior and create a need for change. And we don't want to change!

Some feedback we welcome and others we simply don't, or perhaps can't. The risk of what it may reveal is too big for us. We would prefer to live in ignorance, than have to rise to the truth. Feedback can take on many forms, and if it continuously comes to us, carrying a significant message, we might find a pattern of ignoring it.

Have you ever logically known the right thing to do while you're being told to do something different? I believe we all have. Perhaps these are the richest opportunities to learn how to listen to our intuition. It is so important to cultivate the pattern of fully listening to one's inner voice. Then we need to balance the voice with the external information at hand. Can we add clarity? Can we offer a revised perspective, based on our inner knowing?

Much of life is constantly allowing feedback to emerge so we can either confirm that we are on the right track or shift tracks to align a perfect balance of existence. It's ego-crunching for anyone to receive feedback, which highlights a shortcoming, and worse if that feedback is judgmental of who they identify to be. Only a person with soul-worth can welcome any form of feedback. However, if our percentage of self-worth is low, then only feedback offered with love and space will inspire change.

Two forms of learning stand out for me, learn from love or learn from tragedy. Regardless of how, you will learn.