09/28/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Veterans Opposed To The War In Iraq March In Denver

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Kristofer Goldsmith is one of the growing number of veterans who have joined the group Iraq Veterans Against The War. He gave his "testimony" yesterday in Denver as part of the IVAW march on the Convention, the march designed to deliver a letter of demands concerning the war and veterans to Democratic presidential nominee Obama. The letter included a three-point plan to end the war that included an immediate withdrawal of troops, post-deployment care for vets and an end to redeployments. Roughly 4000 to 5000 people marched to the entrance of the Pepsi Center, surrounded by riot police.


I spent my 20th birthday in Baghdad and I come home to a Patriot Act. I come home to a police state. I come home to fences and barbed wire. The politicians don't trust us. Why would that be? Because they have hijacked our nation... Now we're offered a choice to vote: Choice A, stay in Iraq forever; or Choice B, stay in Iraq for a pretty fucking long time. I can't accept either one of those choices... We're not born monsters; monsters are created. The Bush administration pushed ... hundreds of thousands of young men and women into positions like mine. The nightmares never go away.