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April 18, 2014


Bloomberg via Getty Images

7 Ways To Have A Truly Great Morning

Good Morning
Tara Moore via Getty Images

NYC's Iconic Small Businesses Are Vanishing

Shakespeare And Co New York
New York Daily News Archive via Getty Images

People STILL Lined Up Cronuts After Mouse Infestation

Ari Perilstein via Getty Images

Seemingly Adorable Hotel Ad Has Ending You'll Never See Coming


This Food Truck Serves Its Fare With A Side Of Hope For Young People

Drive Change Snowday Main
HPMG / Joe Van Brussel

These 10 Office Phrases Need To Die A Swift Death

Frustrated Worker
Shutterstock / Syda Productions

10 Traits of Exceptionally Charming People

Cool Business Man
Digni via Getty Images

RANKED: The 10 Fastest-Growing Cities In The Country

Colorado Pot Shops Raided By The Feds May Be Shut For Good

How One Fearless Teen Is Starting A Bra Revolution

The 20 Best Cities For Solar Power

This Could Be The First State To Make GMO-Labeling Mandatory

Mother Of Four Gets Off Food Stamps And Gets Her Product On Supermarket Shelves

This Is What The World's Most 'Perfect' Marijuana High Would Feel Like

7 Reasons Bosses Are Communicating With Their Young Employees' Parents More Than Ever

Hundreds Of Rabbits Died To Make This Billboard

Barbie Is Dying And Bringing Mattel Along With Her

These Game-Changing Ringtones Bring The Symphony To The Streets

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Researchers Are Trying To Make Diapers Out Of Jellyfish

New Methane Leak Data Adds Doubt About Future Of Gas As 'Bridge' Fuel

Democratic Candidate Was Involved In Own Pay Hike Despite Claim Of Recusal

Why Settle For A Small Hot Dog?

Apparently Chicken Corsages Are A Thing Now (!?!)

Minimum Wage Hike Has Hawaii Lawmakers At Odds

New Hurricane Forecast To Include Storm Surge Map

Walking, 'Talking' Drilling Rigs Hope To Modernize Fracking

Senators Press Delphi For Answers On Recalled GM Cars