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November 28, 2014

5 Skills Of Really Amazing Listeners

Compassionate Eye Foundation/David Oxberry/OJO Images Ltd via Getty Images

25 Of The Most Incredible Breakfasts To Make The Day After Thanksgiving

Running To The Kitchen

7 Things To Eat When You Have A Food Hangover


These Are Some Of The Best Deals On Headphones This Black Friday


The Official Christmas Gift Guide For The Weirdo In Your Life

Welp, A Lego Strip Club Is A Thing That Exists

Citizen Brick

5 Ways To Become A Morning Person

Jordan Siemens via Getty Images

Smart Earplugs Aim To Improve Your Sleep Quality By Taking Noise-Blocking To The Next Level


Bruised Little Girls Curse To 'Break The Silence About Domestic Violence'


Everyone Poops. Even Santa.


Marijuana Industry Sets Its Sights On The Mainstream


Doggy Day Care Chain Makes Pet Sitters Sign Outrageous Contract

LetiziaMaccarini via Getty Images

Edmonton Baker Turns Fantasies Into Cakes

Whimsical Cake Studio

You'll Be Able To Add Cellulite And Stretch Marks To Your 'Normal Barbie'

Nickolay Lamm

Sweet Peach Actually Does Not Want Your Vagina To Smell Like Ripe Fruit

filonmar via Getty Images

Jump Start Your Brain With These 6 Morning Habits

Forest Woodward via Getty Images

18 Wildly Wonderful Things You Can Do With Frozen Waffles

Food Crush

These S'mores Desserts Are The Best Thing That's Happened To Mason Jars



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Starbucks Now Has Wireless Charging Pads


This Corporate Giant Just Made Awesome Move On Behalf Of Their Gay Employees

Bloomberg via Getty Images

5 Questions That Will Test Your Sense Of Meaning In Life

Fuse via Getty Images

Tony Robbins Sees Correlation Between Obesity And Financial Trouble

HuffPost Live

This 17-Year-Old Has Given 45 African Girls An Education By Selling Headbands

Reverse the Course

These Stuffed Animals Have Guts -- No, They Are Guts

I Heart Guts

Not Many Of Us Land The Dream Jobs We Wanted As Kids

Jamie Grill via Getty Images

How To Maximize The 2 Most Productive Hours Of The Day

JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

What Makes A City Unhappy?

The Washington Post via Getty Images