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July 22, 2014
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5 Skills Of Really Amazing Listeners

Compassionate Eye Foundation/David Oxberry/OJO Images Ltd via Getty Images

This Is Why You Don't Mess With The Garbage Man

Walter Zerla via Getty Images

Even Companies That Sell Tampons Are Run By Men


What Everyone Gets Wrong About Where You Go To College

Education Images/UIG via Getty Images

McDonald's, Yum Apologize For Rotten Meat Scandal

STR via Getty Images

Home Depot's Latest Product Could Save You From Having To Go To Home Depot Again


One Strip Club Has Quite The Retirement Gift For Derek Jeter

Elsa via Getty Images

New Orleans Putting Smoked Butts In A Better Place

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Colorado Voters Are Cool With Creating Members-Only Marijuana Clubs

Jasper Juinen via Getty Images

If Legal Marijuana Was Supposed To Cause More Crime, It's Not Doing A Very Good Job

JOSE CABEZAS via Getty Images

Black-Owned Businesses Are Quietly Powering Detroit's Resurgence, But No One's Talking About It

Brian Kelly

The Surprising Reason The Hula Hoop Is Making A Comeback

Capturing a second in life, Copyright Leonardo Correa Luna via Getty Images

McDonald's Workers Claim They Were Fired For Union Activity

Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Why It May Be Difficult To Get Your Favorite Weed Edible In Washington

Lew Robertson/Fuse via Getty Images

Weird Al Tries To Teach Fox Business Reporter How Internet Comedy Works

YouTube/Aloin Marceau

Changing How We Share Sustainability Ideas


House Votes To Allow Banking For Marijuana Businesses


This Can Will Forever Change The Way We Paint

RSA Student Design Awards

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Formerly Homeless Boy Is Giving People On The Streets A Fresh Start With His Soap Business

KRQE News 13

Are Made-From-Scratch Ice Cream Shops On The Rise? We Hope So

Facebook/Davey's Ice Cream

How An Apple Cake Saved This Woman's Home

Coral Von Zumwait

How To Become A Coder At 35

Coral Von Zumwait

Colorado Baker Still Refusing To Provide Gay Wedding Cakes


Forget First Loves, How About First Jobs?

Getty Images

How The Average American Work Week Compares To The Rest Of The World

Comstock Images via Getty Images

Why Is It So Hard For Us To Do Nothing?

PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura via Getty Images

The Sheer Terror Of Being Alone With Our Thoughts

Robert Decelis Ltd via Getty Images