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January 30, 2015

5 Skills Of Really Amazing Listeners

Compassionate Eye Foundation/David Oxberry/OJO Images Ltd via Getty Images

New Jersey Went On A Porn Binge During Winter Storm Juno

scyther5 via Getty Images

How A Bar Of Soap Got A Homeless Family Off The Street

Courtesy Kathryn Xian

Here's How Much Less Women Make In Each State

Expert Money

Does Your Member Of Congress Offer Paid Maternity And Paternity Leave?

Win McNamee via Getty Images

This Is How Much Crap We Eat (And Make) On Super Bowl Sunday


Senate Democrats Tell Obama To Be Bold In Raising Wages


Working From Home Is Good For You And Your Boss

Morsa Images via Getty Images

IKEA Will Soon Serve Vegan Meatballs


Woman Allegedly Injured Toddler During Potty-Training 'Boot Camp'


American Politics Has A Bigger Koch Problem Than Ever Before

Comedy Central

15 Things You Should Put On Your Peanut Butter Sandwich Instead Of Jelly

HuffPost/Kate Bratskeir

Words Of Wisdom From Some Of The World's Most Influential Women Leaders

Ezra Bailey via Getty Images

The 'Next Sesame Street' Is All About Vegetables

What It's Like To Start Your Own Firm, According To The Subway Slapper's Lawyer

Joseph Indusi

Anti-Gay Bakers 'Might Put Poison' In Same-Sex Couples' Cakes, GOP Presidential Hopeful Claims

Ivonne Wierink via Getty Images

Bill Gates Makes Bold Bet About Ending Poverty, And Tech Plays A Big Role

NBC NewsWire via Getty Images

Everything You Need To Know About Cooking During A Storm

Ulf Borjesson via Getty Images


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The Only Leadership Trait That Matters

Tim Robberts via Getty Images

Want To Be A Lot More Successful? Marry The Right Person

Walter B. McKenzie via Getty Images

'Bankers Building Houses Is Not Necessarily The Best Use Of Their Time'

HuffPost Live

Arianna And Sheryl Sandberg On The Power Of Optimism

Tim Robberts via Getty Images

7 Ways to Stay Motivated And Accomplish Anything

Marie Hickman via Getty Images

TaskRabbit Founder Leah Busque: Having Female Role Models Is 'An Important Thing'

HuffPost Live

9 Qualities Of Remarkable Entrepreneurs

Digital Vision. via Getty Images

Why Americans Struggle So Much With Overwork And Burnout

TommL via Getty Images

Amid The Chattering Of The Global Elite, A Silent Interlude