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Will President Obama Continue to Support Conscience Rights?

Commented Jul 24, 2011 at 01:04:39 in Religion

“You, madame, have been reading too many romance novels. I would love to see you respond with a detailed explanation of what a report by doctors concerning possible (possible!) preventative care matters has to do with terrorists, children with frightened, pleading eyes who may or may not exist and the kind of decision one only ever sees on Lifetime movies.

You seem to believe an excess of emotion equates to a viable argument. It does not.

I await your explanation.”
huffingtonpost entry

Will President Obama Continue to Support Conscience Rights?

Commented Jul 24, 2011 at 00:57:30 in Religion

“You obviously have strong feelings on the subject of abortion, but the topic at hand is contraception. The report, which has not been accepted, let alone approved or enacted, suggests women be given free access to contraceptives. It does not, in any way, say women should get free abortions. Even using the very liberal definition of pregnancy social conservatives use, the medicines and procedures listed in the report keep pregnancy from happening.

Your depth of feeling is admirable. I just suggest you practice better aim.

Speaking of the better angel of our nature, how many children have you adopted so far? There are millions out there, in desperate need of parents, many from parents who couldn't afford to raise a child and didn't want to have an abortion, so adoption was the only choice. A respect for human life and an urge to defend the weak who trust us with their protection fairly demands you adopt, correct?”

mellieReed on Jul 24, 2011 at 10:57:09

“I have strong convictions about protecting children no matter what their age from the devastation of abortion and the break up of their families. I encourage you to look from a wider perspective to include theirs. This country has many in it who admirably want to adopt, and adopt from those struggling with raising their child. But I ask that you extend the admirable to include a deeper level: put yourself in their place. Think why they are poor. The financial framework of the world that gets supported by citizens in certain countries to help increase the chances of poverty in others needs to be examined first before the idea of adoption is considered. Then search for different ways that you would prefer yourself if the situation were reversed and it was you and your children someone from another country was offering to take care of .....only they were going to take them from you. Everyone has a story. Seek to find it and then listen. Then you will know how to best help them as you yourself would want to be helped if in that situation. In some cases, especially where the parents are deceased and no living relatives are available, adoption is likely the best thing. But what about helping that family financially so that they can stay together. We may find that there is a better, kinder, and more loving way to help when we think of others more deeply than we already may do.”
huffingtonpost entry

Will President Obama Continue to Support Conscience Rights?

Commented Jul 24, 2011 at 00:33:12 in Religion

“"...should the government be able to force anyone, including a Catholic diocese or Catholic school or Catholic Charities agency, to foot the bill for surgical sterilizations for their employees?"

Should an employer be allowed to force its beliefs on its employees, wielding its economic power over them in order to influence their health, well-being, future plans and even, sometimes, their ability to continue living? Hm?

And trying to construct straw men cheapens your argument; Planned Parenthood does do abortions, but mostly they do a lot of other good and necessary things, and most people know this. Your willful blindness of the complete nature of that organization and eagerness to cast them as evil baby killers comes across as shrill and extremist. Inasmuch as you are writing this to persuade the public, and not to just feed the egos of people who already agree with you, it fails.

You do a disservice to your religion by writing such inaccurate and divisive pieces.”

mrsL on Aug 4, 2011 at 13:59:01

“No one is forcing anyone else to work for a Catholic diocese, school, hospital or other institution. If you don't believe what the church teaches or you just generally don't like the Catholic church then please- dont' work for the church. But it is as wrong to force the Catholics to pay for abortion or contraception as it would be to mandate that a Kosher Jewish institution serve cheeseburgers!”